On the edge (English)

Directed by Hafeez Chachar

A Narratives production in association with Pak Institute for Peace Studies


This documentary focus on the issues of Non-Muslims in Pakistan. The Non-Muslims in Pakistan are facing multiple discrimination in the society. This documentary depict root causes of their problems. Their rights are continuously being suppressed and they tend to live in marginalization and vulnerability.

On the edge (Urdu)

The City Lost in History (English)

The documentary depicts ancient city of Taxila as a symbol of peace, love and peaceful co-existence in the historical context. The documentary also highlights the dangers and destruction facing Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

The City Lost in History (Urdu)

تاریخ میں گم ہوتا شہر

Our Hero Our Ideals (An Urdu Documentary)

 Heroes - Our Ideals:
The documentary highlights the role and contribution of national 
heroes and
legends hailing from religious minorities for independence of Pakistan and also
in the post-independence context. 

Written by Sajjad Azhar

Directed by Hafeez